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Cool Fonts Generator

Welcom to Cool Fonts Generator! We have more than 60 diferent types of biography fonts to make your captions as fancy as you like. You can copy and paste our results freely and use them in your Social Media. It can be used, for example, to tune your Instagram biography or send weird messages on WhatsApp!

This generator lets you format your text whithout the need of the social media allowing it. For example, some times, Facebook doesn't allow you to format in cursive some text. In that case, you can use our generator to format the text and then paste it to your Facebook Wall, you will see that it works this way.

Take into account that lots of people today don't actually read all the text. They read diagonally, so bold, cursive and other styles are really necessary to highlight the main ideas of the text.

How does Cool Fonts Generator Work

Your keyboard has less than 100 keys, but that doesn't mean there are only 100 characters. It would be impossible to fit all characters in a keyboard since there are more than 100000 characters in the world.

What we do is, you enter your text in plain characters, and we translate your text to different characters that seem to have bold, cursive, and many other properties. We don't style your text! If we did that, when we copied the styled text and pasted it into another place we would lose the style and we would have plain text once again.

For representing text we use, Unicode. These representation was introduced in the early 80's and it allows us to represent way more characters than ASCII code.
ASCII code was only able to represent 128 different characters, (7 bits = 2Λ†7 = 128), with unicode we can represent 143,859 characters.
We can also represent emojis and lots of glyphicons we couldn't before.

Cool Fonts on your Instagram

With these Unicode representation that Cool Fonts use, we can convert your text to beautiful, cool and fancy text. You only have to put your text in the input box and we will return you 60+ different possible styled texts for you to try on your captions and biography.
You just need to copy paste them and let your popularity go up ⬆️!

Cool Quotes for your Instagram

We also wanted Cool Fonts to give you ideas for your captions and biography quotes. Thats why we suggest you a different motivational, inspiring quote each time you refresh our website.

All the quotes will be in more than 60 different styles, so there's plenty of room for you to chooseπŸ˜›.

Can I use these fonts on Social Media?

Sometimes some Social Media Websites don't allow some Unicode characters. There are only few cases though. You can copy paste the translated text to all the social Media you like and use. Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, Tik Tok, Skype, Tumblr, WhatsApp, Telegram, VKontakte, Pinterest, Youtube, WeChat, Discord, Slack and many more. Try them, and you will see your popularity goes up!